Preparing Your Kids to Go Back to School

How to prepare your child to return to school after a 6 month break!

For many children, the prospect of returning to the classroom after almost six months away from the school environment may be daunting. So how do we help our kids go back to their routine of focused learning after many months of disruption and uncertainty? We’ve put together some of our top tips for preparing your […]

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How to Save at the Supermarket

save money on your supermarket bills

If you’re trying to be smarter with the ways you spend, cutting out non-essential purchases makes perfect sense. However, there are certain costs that you cannot avoid: utility bills and the weekly food shop, for example. Even when you’re trying your level best to pay off outstanding debts, you still need to eat. Despite this, […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Open Banking

open banking

Open banking is the term used to describe a series of reforms that made it safe and secure for customers to share bank details with regulated third parties. This has revolutionised the financial sector, opening up the field for third party apps and online banks to offer a huge range of money management services to […]

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Is the UK Turning Into a Cashless Society?

britain becoming cashless

Before lockdown, card payments were already becoming the norm in high-street retailers and local shops alike. But the sudden closure of physical retailers and the need for stringent hygiene measures due to the pandemic has hastened the decline of cash payments. As a result, not only are more consumers paying for things online than ever […]

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Staycationing This Summer? What to Do With the Kids

staycationing what to do with the kids

Pretty much everybody has had their lives majorly disrupted by the global Covid-19 pandemic. However, this unprecedented worldwide event has affected parents much more than most others. Around the world, schools have been closed for several months now, and a tentative crawl has replaced the usual action-packed summertime out of lockdown. Unfortunately, it has also […]

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