Car Costing You Too Much Money? 5 Ways to Save Money While Running Your Car

So you’ve saved the money, bought the car, took care of the insurance, tax and MOT. Bet you never thought that driving the car would be so expensive. But, convenient or not, owning and running a car can leave your pockets empty sometimes. Here are 5 tips which can save you money, from finding a better insurance deal to cutting back on petrol usage.

Use public transport

This one seems pretty obvious but is still a worthy mention. It is significantly cheaper to take the bus or train, rather than driving a car. Especially when commuting to work, public transport avoids traffic more and saves on parking prices. Obviously don’t take the car away if necessary for your everyday routine, try to use public transport now and then. It saves on fuel and keeps your car in better condition.

Consider car sharing

If you share a household with family or friends, think about sharing a car for daily commutes. By sharing a journey, you’re also sharing the cost, therefore saving on cash. Finding workmates who live close and sharing the school run is a brilliant way to cut down the cost of owning a car. Not only is this making it cheaper to run your vehicle, but it brings you closer to your neighbours and is good for making new friends.

Become more fuel efficient

Simple changes to how you drive will save you cash in the long run. For example, try not to overweight your car, don’t use air-conditioning as much, drive in the correct gear and don’t drive too fast. These are just a couple of things you can do to save money on petrol. Checking tyre pressure regularly and having the oil changed are also major things to consider with fuel economy.

Get your car serviced regularly

Wishing you would have fixed the stuck gear earlier? Now you’re left with more problems than you started with. Most people think that car maintenance is an unnecessary expense. However, it has more benefits than not. Getting your car regularly serviced not only avoids more faults from occurring, but it saves you a bunch of money in the long run. In addition, it keeps your car engine working more efficiently, and a happy car means a healthy car.

Compare car insurance quotes

Before deciding on a particular insurance company, you must research and browse the internet for the best quote you can find. Several sites allow you to compare prices while also getting the right level of cover that you need. If you need extra advice on car insurance or answers to any queries, call the provider or use an online chat to solve problems.

By following these tips, you will see a big change in how you manage your car finances. From tucking away some extra cash, you can save up for the more exciting things in life, for example, a luxurious holiday or the brand new, current technology.