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can you go to jail for unpaid payday loans

Can You Go to Jail for Unpaid Payday Loans?

Having debt looming over you is never a good feeling, and we understand the anxieties and fears that might come from it – especially if you are struggling to pay them back on time. If you’re finding it hard to pay back your payday loans, then your provider might even begin to threaten you with […]

payday loans and mortgages

Can Payday Loans Affect Getting a Mortgage?

Buying a home is an exciting time – whether you’re getting a mortgage for the first time or you’re moving on to something bigger and better. If you’ve found that perfect dream property or you’re just thinking about buying in the future, being savvy to the ins and outs of finances pays off in the […]

direct lender

List of Direct Lenders in the UK

When looking for a loan it’s important to ensure you use an FCA authorised lender. For your convenience we have listed below all current active payday and short term lenders available in the UK, these are all direct lenders, no brokers are in this list. Many of them are part of our own panel of […]

The history of payday loans

The History and Evolution of Payday Loans

You might think of payday loans as a modern way of borrowing money. Powered by technology, today’s short term credit facilities enable lenders and borrowers to link up quickly. The internet may have revolutionised payday loan markets, but the concept of lending small amounts to be repaid when an individual can afford to do so […]

Complete list of payday lenders that have gone bust

A Complete List of All Payday Lenders That Have Gone Bust

For a while, television channels frequently showed advertisements for payday lenders. Well-known names included Wonga, Quick Quid, Pounds to Pocket and Sunny, all charging high rates of interest and making a large amount of money. But what happened to them all? Below, we will look at a list of payday loan companies that have either […]

What is a pawnbroker

What Is a Pawnbroker and How Do They Work?

If you’ve never used a pawnbroker before, here’s everything you need to know. History of Pawnbroking While many people might assume that pawnbroking is a fairly recent concept, it has actually been in existence for hundreds of years. Indeed, researchers have found that the people of Ancient China used the basic principles of pawnbroking some […]

Who are Citizens Advice?

Who Are Citizens Advice and How Can They Help You?

Citizens Advice, which is formally called the Citizens Advice Bureau, is actually a network of independent local charities which operate all around the UK. There are literally hundreds of Citizens Advice branches located around the UK, including offices across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Citizens Advice offer a free advice service designed to help […]

Debt collectors and baillifs what you need to know

Everything You Need to Know About Debt Collectors and Bailiffs

Being in a position where you have outstanding debts is no fun at all, but what makes it even worse is the risk that you will have to come into contact with either debt collectors or bailiffs. This can be an intimidating and frustrating experience for you, especially if you’re already dealing with the challenges […]

Who are the Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service – Who Are They and How Can They Help You?

When you are weighed down by money worries – or juggling complicated household budgeting – getting independent and impartial advice can be very helpful. This is basically why The Money Advice Service (MAS) was created. The Money Advice Service is a vital source of help for people in the UK. So, it’s important to know […]

Is it possible to get a short term loan from a bank

Do Banks Lend Short Term Loans?

When you think of a financial institution, you think of a bank. At the bank, you can find all manner of financial products, services and guidance. However, one of the few things you will seldom see a bank offer is a short term loan. A bank can offer a similar sort of thing in the […]