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Who exactly are the FCA and what do they do

Who Are the FCA?

When seeking financial services from reputable lenders, you are likely to come across mentions of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If you don’t know what the FCA is, then this article will tell you everything that you need to know. Essentially the FCA is a regulatory body that ensures financial service providers adhere to specific […]

How and when should you complain to an ombudsman

A Guide on Complaining to an Ombudsman

UK consumers and businesses now have a clear set of rights that are protected by law. These rights are to ensure that they can buy with confidence, get trustworthy advice and obtain help with any disputed transactions. Who champions buyers’ rights? That would be the Ombudsman Service. This article explores ‘What is the Ombudsman Service?’ […]

credit reference agenices

Credit Reference Agencies in the UK

Like your birth certificate, your driving licence and your criminal record, your credit score stays with you for life. It’s how finance companies decide whether or not they want to lend you money or set up a finance agreement, such as a hire purchase, and it contains a record of everything you owe, as well […]

What is meant by a guarantor loan

A Guide to Guarantor Loans

When it comes to all things related to finance, it pays to research the ins, the outs and everything in between. This is especially true when it comes to loans; when managed correctly, they can be incredibly beneficial, but if utilised poorly, they can be extremely costly, and can seriously damage an individual’s financial standing. […]

Should I consolidate my bad credit debt

How to Consolidate Bad Credit Debt

If you are concerned about bad credit and spiralling debt, you have come to the right place. In this article we set out everything you need to know to understand bad credit debt consolidation, and whether this might be the right option for your circumstances. Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Explained As the name suggests, debt […]

What is the best way to get approved

How to Get a Payday Loan Approved

Every payday loan lender has slightly different acceptance requirements. Completing some small changes can make a big difference in whether your application is approved or rejected. When you need a payday loan, chances are you need the cash quickly to deal with an emergency or a temporary lack of funds. Some of the things you […]

Been declined a loan

What to Do If You Are Declined a Loan

Being declined for a loan can be a frustrating experience. However, if you’ve recently been declined for a payday loan, you’re not alone. As the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) continues to tighten restrictions on who can access short-term finance, many applicants who were once eligible for emergency same day loans now find themselves being turned […]

What is a debt relief order

What Is a Debt Relief Order?

Debts can easily begin to mount up. Whether it’s an unexpected life event, a change in your personal circumstances, redundancy or a growing family, it can be easy to reach for credit to solve an immediate problem. Before you know it, you’re borrowing money to pay off old debts and the amount of money you […]

Don_t let yourself

How to Avoid Being Scammed Over the Phone

Phone scams are commonly used by criminals to con people out of money fraudulently. Phone scamming is still rife in the UK, with billions of pounds lost to fraudsters every year in the UK. Older people are particularly at risk of being scammed over the phone, but anyone could fall foul of these scams, particularly […]

When should you not take out cash loans

When Should You Avoid Cash Loans?

The majority of the time, cash advice websites are full of bright ideas to help you find new and different ways of accessing credit. For most people, it’s simply a lack of information holding them back from their next loan, and they just don’t realise that there are a few simple things that they can […]