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We all have times when we need to borrow a small amount of money for a short time. But what happens if you don’t have a good credit record? After all, lenders use credit records to decide whether or not to lend money to customers that apply for a loan. So is there such thing as small loans with no credit check?

Small Loans Without a Credit Check

At Cobra Payday loans, we offer small loans that even people with bad credit can apply for. A soft credit check is used to establish identity and get a quick overview of your financial situation. This type of credit check will not leave a footprint on your credit file, so anyone searching your file in the future will not be able to see it. Lenders can then use this check to decide on whether to lend to you or not.

Only once you decide to accept an offer of a loan with a particular lender will a full check be performed, minimising the number of credit checks that show on your credit report.

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Why Do Lenders Have to Do a Credit Check?

All good lenders operate according to a responsible lending code, recognising that credit access should help people improve their financial situation – not make it worse. This is the reason why at least a soft check needs to be carried out in the UK. If you see a website offering genuine ‘small loans no credit check’ products, then be wary of them, as the FCA will not authorise them. The law states that every lender must carry out a credit check to ensure that customers can afford the repayments on the loan. This credit check provides a quick snapshot of your borrowing history. It will go back by six years and flag up any defaults, CCJs or late payments.

The good news is that, even with a bad credit history, you can get a small loan with Cobra Payday loans. Our lenders offer loans to people with all types of credit history. And if you repay on time and in full, you will be able to start rebuilding your credit history again and improve it. Of course, there will be a basic credit check as required by law. However, the important feature of these loans is that you don’t need a good credit rating to get one!

Who Are Cobra Payday Loans?

We are an independent broker of payday loans, including small loans. We work with a large panel of trusted, FCA authorised lenders with a great track record. This means that we do all the legwork for you when you need to borrow a small loan. First, you tell us how much you want to borrow, between £100 and £5,000 – and provide some basic information. We send this information immediately to our lending panel, and with the magic of technology, we will do our best to match you to a lender.


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How Do Small Loans With No Credit Check Work?

At Cobra Payday loans, you will enter your basic details onto our website as part of your application. These include personal details and information about your earnings and outgoings. The data from this short form is then sent securely to our panel of lenders, who will review your application and decide whether or not to offer you a loan.
This part of the process only results in a soft credit check – that is, a search that doesn’t leave a footprint on your personal credit file. You will only have a record on your credit file if you decide to accept a loan offer. How do you accept a loan? You’ll automatically be transferred to a lender prepared to lend to you after you submit your form, then you complete your application on their website.

How Quickly Can I Get My Money?

At Cobra Payday loans we are proud to offer extremely fast loans for when you need cash fast. Most of our lenders will offer faster payments which – so long as your own bank accepts them – will be within your bank account in just a few hours. This means that you will have your funds on the same day that you apply in most cases. Sometimes, a lender needs to ask for extra information to complete your application, but the process will still be fast, and the funds will be with you immediately once approved.

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How Much Does It Cost to Take Out a Small Loan?

The important thing to know is that we don’t charge any upfront fees! The cost of your loan depends on which product you are offered by our panel of lenders, based on your personal application and financial status. Lenders price their loans according to risk. If you have struggled to manage your finances in the past, your loan will tend to have a higher interest rate. The better you can manage your money, the cheaper your loans will be in the future. It really pays to stay on top of your finances as much as you can.

Why Might I Take Out a Loan With No Credit Check?

There are so many reasons why our customers take out no credit check loans. For example, they might be looking to pay an emergency bill for a car repair or broken appliance. They might be looking to pay for Christmas costs or to afford a trip. They might be looking to pay off some other bills or meet regular costs if your wages are late. Some customers also look for small loans to consolidate other debts and start getting on top of their repayments. At Cobra Payday loans, we offer no credit small loans for all purposes, and we don’t pry into your reason to borrow. We prefer to treat our customers as adults – if you need to borrow a small loan, even with a bad credit history, we will help you to find the best possible product.

Why Should I Use Cobra Payday Loans?

When you have bad credit and want to borrow money, it can be difficult to take out a loan with mainstream lenders, such as high street banks. But Cobra Payday loans provides access to instant loans from a trusted panel of lenders. Some of the reasons that you might want to use us include:

  • Loans of between £100 and £5,000 when you need them most
  • Rapid cash deposits so that you can access your cash on the same day
  • No upfront fees
  • A 100% online application so that you don’t need to make any phone calls or go into a branch.
  • Open 365 days a year so that you can borrow small cash loans whenever you need them – even on bank holidays.
  • No hassle – we won’t call you.
  • A trusted provider of payday loans with a good reputation on the market.
  • A wide range of loans available, short term loans, instant cash loans and other payday loans.

Don’t Get Scammed – Trust Cobra Payday Loans

We only work with FCA authorised lenders and offer access to loans from some of the most highly rated independent lenders on the market. This means that you can have total peace of mind when applying for any loan with Cobra Payday loans.

Cobra payday loans is authorised by the FCA


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does It Cost to Take Out a Small Loan?

    The lender you are matched with will provide a personalised illustration to tell you exactly how much your loan will cost. In addition, they will tell you how much your repayments will be each month and how much you will repay in total (e.g. the original amount of cash you needed, plus the cost of interest.) Check your paperwork carefully when you receive it by email, and make sure you are happy with the repayment date and the sum to make sure there is enough in your account for each time the payment is due.

  • Firstly, it’s important to know that Cobra Payday loans don’t charge anything for the broker service we offer. Our service to customers costs you nothing. Instead, we receive a commission directly from lenders when our customers decide to take out a loan. The only cost you pay is the interest charge set by the lender. Sometimes the lender may apply other fees, but these are explained clearly when you make your small loan application.

  • The process is quick and easy at Cobra Payday Loans. The basic application form we use to send to our panel of lenders only takes a few minutes to complete online, and then you’ll be transferred to a lender in an instant. Then, confirm your loan to complete your application. The whole process is swift and easy, and the lender will update you at every stage by email – we never call you by phone.

  • The terms of your repayment will depend on your needs and what the lender is prepared to offer. Most short term loans last for up to 36 months, but you can save money by paying off your loan in a shorter period of time. Look for loans with flexible features so that you can repay them as soon as possible.

Where Can I Find Help With Financial Difficulties?

We know that our customers look for short term bad credit loans for various reasons and that sometimes they may be experiencing financial difficulties. There are various places where you can get help with debts and financial difficulties, and you can get this help for free. Here are some of the best-known providers, and all are worth contacting for help and advice:

1. Money Advice Service – a government-sponsored website and helpline which is staffed by qualified debt advisors for free. You can get free and confidential money advice either online, via web chat or on the phone
2. Citizens Advice Bureau – filled with useful articles, tips and tools such as sample letters, borrowing calculators and access to debt helplines
3. Which? Money – a website packed with advice and tips to get the most from your personal finances

How Can I Get on Top of My Finances?

The websites above are packed with information, but you can do certain basic things to help better manage your money. Firstly, make sure your earnings are higher than your outgoings. Second, have a budget so that you can see where your money is going. Third, look for cheaper alternatives and cut out expensive hobbies. Fourth, be as smart as you can with your money – swapping expensive existing credit card debts and loans for single, cheaper forms of borrowing where possible (also known as debt consolidation. Finally, if you really are in a fix with your finances, a payday loan or small loan no credit check might not be for you. You should never apply for a loan if you aren’t confident that you can repay it. This is because you will further damage your credit rating if you don’t meet your repayments on time, and then it will get increasingly difficult to borrow money in the future.

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Can I Improve My Credit Rating With a No Credit Check Small Loan?

Yes! If you take out a loan with Cobra Payday loans and meet your repayment terms in full – paying the full amount on time each month until the loan is cleared – you will boost your credit rating and show lenders that you are a responsible borrower. In addition, this will help you to get access to more variety of loans and cheaper loans in the future.

Are There Other Things I Can Do to Improve My Credit Record?

Yes. Check your credit record for free and online with a provider such as Experian. Look for information about any outstanding credit balances and pay them off. If you spot any errors, you can contact the credit referencing agency and ask for a note to be added to your record for lenders to see. Make sure you are also registered on the electoral roll and that, if possible, you have registered a stable address history. Remember that lenders want to see as much stability and reliability as possible to show that you will repay your loan fully and on time. A small loan is a good way to make this happen by not over-extending yourself.

Will My Employer Know That I Have Used Cobra Payday Loans?

Sometimes our customers are worried about privacy when they take out a loan. But at Cobra Payday loans, we never share your personal information with anyone other than our trusted panel of lenders – and only the absolute minimum information needed to make a lending decision. In addition, although we take information about your employment status when you apply for your loan, we will never contact your employer for any reason.

How Will Cobra Payday Loans Contact Me?

We never contact our customers by phone, so you don’t need to worry about being hassled! In fact, we pride ourselves on our customer-friendly communications, and we only communicate with you by email. This means that you can read updates on your loan at a time that suits you. You can also contact us via our website if you have any queries, and you can contact your lender too with the information they provide to you when you take out a loan.

I Have Never Had Credit Before – Will I Have a Good Credit Record?

Not necessarily! Lenders use a credit check to see a pattern and history of successful borrowing and credit management. So if you have never had a credit card, loan or credit agreement in the past, you will not have a history that lenders can see for assessment. In this instance, a small loan can help you to build your credit rating and show that you can handle credit successfully.

How Does Cobra Payday Loans Pick Its Lending Panel?

We constantly scour the markets for the best possible deals to work with FCA authorised lenders with a strong reputation. We have a panel of around 30 lenders who we are proud to work with and recommend. All are FCA authorised, and all work according to a responsible lending practice. Furthermore, all have a good customer service level and offer faster payments so that you can access your small cash loan rapidly and without delay.