Treating Customers Fairly

Ready Money Capital Ltd is a company committed to delivering high-quality customer service in all things. Our company is committed to delivering exceptional and ethical services in all matters, as outlined in this Treating Customers Fairly documentation.
For the purpose of this policy, any reference to “customers” will define third parties connected with our company via a transaction or service interaction.

Ready Money Capital Ltd puts customers at the heart of all operations, and we believe in providing them with a fair and consistent experience aligned with the guidelines of the Financial Conduct Authority. This Treating Customers Fairly (or TCF) policy follows the rules and regulations supplied by the FCA to assist businesses in treating customers fairly.

The key themes addressed in this policy are:

• Comfort: All customers should be confident they are dealing with a fair company
• Advice: All advice should consider the individual needs of the specific client.
• Clarity: All customers must have access to clear information at all times
• Custom: All services delivered by our company meet the needs of our clients
• Acceptability: All of our services are designed to meet acceptable standards
• Complaints: All customers have the right to make complaints when required

This TCF policy constitutes one of the core principles of our company. We will continue striving to consistently deliver the best possible experiences to customers by following the strictest ethical policies.

Treating Customers Fairly Policy Guidelines

The central components of our TCF policy are as follows:

• All services and products offered by Ready Money Capital Ltd must meet customer needs
• Customers who receive advice and support from Ready Money Capital Ltd will receive information specific to their individual needs.
• Ready Money Capital Ltd will always be dedicated to following the guidelines for the fair treatment of our customers.
• Customers of Ready Money Capital Ltd will not face difficulties when changing products or making a complaint when necessary.
• Any grievances issued with Ready Money Capital Ltd will be addressed with respect, professionalism, and sympathy in the appropriate timeframe.
• Ready Money Capital Ltd will keep all staff members updated with the training that can help enhance their delivery of fair service.
• Regular training on the core components of our TCF policy will be available at all times, and we will build on this policy when and as we can.

We reserve the right to update our policies according to the guidelines and suggestions provided by the FCA on treating customers fairly. Our policies currently align with the primary themes addressed by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our Service

Ready Money Capital Ltd will assess the suitability of a customer’s application before forwarding that information to a partner provider. Our company will consistently aim to address the needs of all clients and provide them with the information they need to make intelligent decisions.

We strive for transparency and clarity in all of our services and do not use excessive technical language or complex hidden conditions. Ready Money Capital Ltd maintains complete and accurate records of our dealings with customers to allow for a better insight into those interactions in the event of a dispute.

Our team strives to ensure that any client interacting with us understands the risks associated with our service before initiating a transaction. Ready Money Capital Ltd will always ensure that risk information remains clear and accessible. In the event of a potential conflict of interest, our customers will receive updates as quickly as possible.

Our Approach

Ready Money Capital Ltd is dedicated to providing excellent service, quality, and choice to our consumers. Our service is tailor-made to the independent needs of each client. We adjust our offerings to suit the person’s needs and respond to the feedback we gather.

We are serious about delivering the highest possible standard of service to our customers, and our team is fully committed to the fair treatment of clients in all situations. We believe our team members are a crucial component of delivering strong customer experiences, which is why we embed fairness policies into the heart of the Ready Money Capital Ltd culture.

All staff members receive comprehensive training to help them understand the components involved in the fair treatment of customers. We consistently improve and update our service to suit evolving standards.

Complaint Management

Ready Money Capital Ltd ensures that all clients have the right to issue complaints when they are unhappy with any aspect of our service. If you send a complaint to our business, we will address your concerns as quickly as possible, making sure to escalate matters to the correct professionals.

Details on how Ready Money Capital Ltd manages complaints are available within our Complaints policy information on this website. The policies that we follow are structured according to the guidelines of the FCA and the rules created for treating customers fairly.

When complaints are issued, senior management professionals of Ready Money Capital Ltd will address the concerns and pay attention to any outcomes. Assessing these interactions is helpful to improve our business operations. We investigate the causes of complaints and appreciate client feedback. We may also measure the time required to address and rectify a particular complaint to determine where this business can benefit from further growth.

Examining each complaint and fully understanding the feedback from our customers are both important components in helping us continue treating customers fairly.